Hi, I'm Adam and I like to solve problems through design. If you have problems that need solving and that may perhaps be done so with design, well then hey, this may just be the start of something beautiful.


I mainly provide my services as a graphic designer producing work with a bold, sleek style; professional and sharp when needed but ever ready to infuse elements of wit and humour when called for. I'm always keen to collaborate and work ideas into producing the best outcome possible.




Just a few additional ABOUT notes- I don't always have the time to update this website when things get extra busy but I do try and get some of my latest work up on Instagram more regularly. You can check that out here.


Also, this portfolio of sorts is not entirely indicative of my full body of works. A lot of the work I do can't be shared on account of assorted contracts, NDAs, that kind of legal jazz. With that in mind, the EXPERIENCE page of this website provides a further cross-section of  Atelier Bahar projects.